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Welcome to Alchemy Protocol – the first Finite Protocol Alchemy Protocol is a sustainable passive income project in which NFTs, which we call ELEMENTs, produce daily token rewards of MTTR for 6 months (per Element). At the end of the protocol, our target is for holders to make a minimum ROI of 300%. How? Liquidity to back these rewards (the actual money that you get back when you sell $MTTR), will come from our 3 sources of revenue; The projects that we incubate through our launchpad (these proposals will be put forward to the community for scrutiny) Revenue generated from our innovative Transmutation Service (our cross-chain utility) From investments made in the DeFi space i.e. RPC Validator Nodes, Blue Chip projects, and High Market Cap Coins The Alchemy Protocol will last for 18 months and while we’re not a Hedge fund, some of the features of our project can be understood to be similar in practice for the user’s benefit, while also being a seed funding mechanism for the development of our cross-chain utilities. We will be launching 4 Types of Elements in total, each one being released quarterly (and a 5th one at the end of the 18 months that will be free for those who hold the previous 4).

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